Multi-factor authentication is required for all WCU user accounts and requires you to set up an authenticator to be associated with your account. This authenticator will provide you with a code or push notification during some login attempts to ensure the safety of your account and student data. 

The attached guide will help you with the OneLogin Protect multi-factor authentication setup process. Please follow the instructions carefully and ensure to complete each step on the device referenced in the heading for each section of the guide, as it is critical to the success of the process.

Please note that you CANNOT delete your Authenticator app (OneLogin Protect, Google, Microsoft, Duo) from your mobile device after setting up MFA. The app you set up will provide you with a code to log in to your WCU account when necessary.


If you get a new mobile device, you will need to set up the authenticator on the new device before decommissioning/wiping your existing device. Instructions are included below (Moving to a New Mobile Device).

If you require IT support after reviewing and carefully following the instructions in this guide, please refer to for instructions to properly submit a support request for assistance.